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178                            LETTERS   FROM   THE

only foreigners. We sat down thirty-two. The
principal personages were Isnard, Muraire, Portalis,
Cambaceres, Jubries, Augustin Moneron, Vance,
Janet, &c. Isnard was very noisy and drank
hard. He gave us an account of his hiding during
Robespierre's reign. He was locked up four
months in Dauphiny at a friend's house, lay in
bed all day, and was in the garden all night. He
laughed much at Louis XVIIL offering to pardon
the Regicides, which he said was an unnatural
thing for him to do; and he said if ever the
French people took it into their heads to re-
call Louis, he for one would slip out of some
corner of the realm as the King stepped into the

Cambaceres  is  a  deep,  black,  silent  lawyer,

I Isnard kept a perfumer's shop at Draguignan. He
was named deputy to the National Convention in 1791,
and was one of the most vehement of its members. The
following may be taken as a specimen of his principles
and eloquence. " Religion," said he in one of his speeches,
"is an instrument with which one can do more mischief
than with any other; therefore you must treat its ministers
with more severity than any other class of people. These
priestly disturbers must be driven from France. They are
infectious wretches, who must be sent to perish in the
lazarets of Rome and Italy." He voted the death of the
unfortunate Louis, and the "mis en acctisation" of the
Princes. He published several volumes; amongst others,
a " Dithyrambe on the Immortality of the Soul."